Sterilizing of cartridges
Output up to 36,000 cartridges/h

Sterilizing of cartridges Fully automatic sterilizing tunnel for cartridges

Single-use cartridges can be sterilized in a

  • Fully automatic sterilizing tunnel with bulk transport
  • Vollautomatische Sterilisiertunnel mit Einzeltransport

available in a wide range of sizes and capacities for industrial cartridge processing.

The continuous transport of the glass barrels through the tunnel is stress-free. This means that the cartridges are transported individually and gently without contact with the other cartridges in the tunnel.

The tunnel is loaded and unloaded automatically row by row with special insertion and removal units.

During the continuous transport through the tunnel the cleaned glass barrels are dried, sterilized, depyrogenized and then cooled sufficiently for filling and sealing to follow immediately. The sterilizing is carried out by a low turbulence displacement air flow which is circulated through a high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA filter) and then flows vertically down onto the ampoule neck.