Labelling ampoules
Output up to 48,000 ampoules/h

Labelling Ampoules Ampoule labelling machine

Designed specially for use in the pharmaceutical industry, our PLC controlled fully automatic labelling machines are equipped with multifunctional label dispensers for self-adhesive labels off the roll.

  • Fully automatic labelling machines

Depending on the machine model, its equipment and your requirements the machines can be run as stand-alone machines or integrated into production lines between machines upstream and downstream. The machines can be customized with the following equipment:

  • label code scanners
  • printers
  • batch print check systems
  • label-on-ampoule check
  • labelling repetition
  • discharge or sorted traying of rejects
  • conversion for labeling vials, cartridges and ready-to-use syringes
  • label web splicer to eliminate downtime during label roll replacement