Processing powder products
Output up to 18,000 bottles/h

Filling bottles and vial with powder Powder dosing machine for bottles and vials

Our product range also includes machines for filling pharmaceutical powder products for various capacity ranges:

  • Semi-automatic filling machines with manual container supply and removal for laboratory purposes
  • - also available as a module on a fully automatic machine instead of a liquid product dosing station
  • Fully automatic filling or filling-and-closing machines with intermittent-motion transport for the medium and high capacity ranges

Depending on the machine model, the containers are either handled individually by the machine operator or are supplied fully automatically by a machine linked upstream. The containers are conveyed intermittently through the work area of the fully automatic machines.

The following dosing alternatives are available:

  • Volumetric auger dosing (controlled by the number of auger rotations)
  • Volumetric auger dosing with check-weighing by tare/gross weight comparison
  • Gravimetric auger dosing
  • Gravimetric vibration dosing