Filling and closing cartridges
Output up to 36,000 cartridges/h

Filling and closing cartridges Fully automatic filling and closing machine Fully automatic filling and closing machine

Our product range comprises a selection of cartridge filling and sealing machines to meet every requirement:

  • Fully automatic, intermittent motion rotary machines
  • Fully automatic continuous/intermittent-motion linear machines

Depending on the machine model the containers are supplied manually in bulk or fully automatically by the depyrogenation tunnel upstream. The intermittent or continuous motion transport through the processing area is fully automatic. The following operations are carried out:

  • Insertion of plunger stoppers
  • Insertion of glass beads
  • Filling to the rim by
    - sensor controlled dosing
    - dosing excess product which is drawn off before it overflows
  • Closing the containers with crimp caps with integrated septum
  • Tray-loading or transfer to another machine for further processing