Filling bottles and vials
Output up to 13,200 bottles/h

Filling bottles and vials Semi-automatic machine for filling bottles and vials Fully automatic machine for filling bottles and vials

Once the bottles have been cleaned, they continue to one of the filling machines which is selected from our machine range to accommodate the type of product and the required output.

  • Semi-automatic machines for individual loading and removal for laboratory purposes
  • Fully automatic machines (linear machines) with intermittent container transport for the medium capacity range

Depending on the machine series and the individual requirements the following dosing systems are available, among others:

  • valveless rotary piston pumps
  • time/pressure dosing
  • gravimetric dosing

The fully automatic filling machines can be loaded manually from trays or automatically by machines linked upstream. The feed of the bottles into the working area is controlled by minimum/maximum sensors. The following work sequence depends on the machine equipment:

  • Supply of the containers on a standard conveyor belt
  • Non-contact container registration (no container - no dose)
  • Filling the containers with the dosing system installed
  • Further transport to machines downstream or tray-loading

The machines can be equipped with a range of further equipment to meet the customer's requirements, such as:

  • Flushing with an inert gas before, during and after filling
  • CIP/SIP equipment (Cleaning/Sterilizing In Place)
  • IPC (In-Process Control)
  • vial processing unit
  • various check systems
  • various product vessels