Closing bottles and vials
Output up to 36,000 bottles/h

Closing bottles and vials Closing machine for bottles and vials Closing machine for bottles and vials

All kinds of closures used in pharmaceutical contexts can be applied with machines from our comprehensive range:

  • Semi-automatic machines for individual loading and removal for laboratory purposes
  • Fully automatic intermittent-motion machines for the medium capacity range
  • Fully automatic continuous motion machines for the medium and high capacity ranges

The containers are supplied by a machine upstream or by a suitable feed system. Stand-alone machines are loaded manually from trays. The feed of the bottles into the working area is controlled by minimum/maximum sensors. The operations are carried out in an intermittent or continuous motion depending on the machine model:

  • Transfer to the work area
  • Closing process depending on the machine model and equipment, applying:
    - Rubber stoppers, freeze-dry stoppers
    - Dropper inserts
    - Screw caps
    - Snap-on caps
    - Crimp caps
    - Dropper assemblies, spray pumps
    - Tamper-proof caps, etc.
  • Transfer to a subsequent machine for further processing or tray loader