Syringe inspection
Output up to 12,000 syringes/h

Visual inspection machine Leak inspection machine

When processing ready-to-use syringes the inspection of the filled and closed syringes is a major operation in the whole process. The following inspection systems are available:

  • Visual inspection machine

The filled and closed syringes are automatically supplied individually by the machine upstream. The syringes are rotated in front of a light source and magnified for visual inspection as they are conveyed through the machine. Faulty containers are sorted out separately. Correctly processed machines are conveyed automatically to the machine downstream.

  • Leak inspection machine

Depending on the machine model and equipment the syringes are either supplied automatically by a machine upstream or are loaded manually. The syringe barrels are inspected by high voltage and if applicable the glass/needle connection. Faulty syringes are sorted out separately. Syringes that pass the inspection proceed automatically to the machine downstream.