Filling and sealing ampoules
Output up to 24,000 ampoules/h

Ampoule closing machine Ampoule filling and closing machine Ampoule filling and closing machine

Our product range comprises a selection of ampoule filling and sealing machines to meet every requirement:

  • Fully automatic, intermittent motion rotary machines for medium capacity
  • Fully automatic, continuous-motion rotary machines for medium capacity
  • Fully automatic continuous/intermittent-motion linear machines for high capacity

Depending on the machine model and equipment either the depyrogenized ampoules are fed automatically from the tunnel upstream or the ampoules are loaded manually from the delivery boxes onto the infeed belt of the filling and sealing machine. Depending on the machine the number of ampoules processed at each machine cycle can be one, two, four, six or eight. Various product dosing systems are available, such as

  • valveless rotary piston pumps
  • time/pressure dosing system

The ampoules are sealed by fusing the glass and pulling off the tips of the ampoule stems.

The machines can be customized with a range of additional equipment, e.g.

  • work station to open closed ampoules
  • nitrogen-flushing before, during and after filling and during sealing
  • CIP/SIP equipment (Cleaning/Sterilizing In Place)
  • IPC (In-Process Control)
  • conversion for processing vials
  • various inspection systems
  • various product vessels