Cleaning bottles and vials
Output up to 24,000 bottles/h

Machine for cleaning bottles and vials Cleaning bottles and vials Machine for cleaning bottles and vials

Bottles and vials can be rinsed and blow-cleaned prior to further processing. For products not requiring aseptic filling, we can provide blow-cleaning machines:

  • Fully automatic machines to blow-clean the container interior by blowing air in and extracting it with any particles.

For products requiring aseptic processing, various rinsing machines are available:

  • Semi-automatic machine for laboratory purposes with manual handling of individual bottles.
  • Fully automatic intermittent-motion machine for medium or high capacity.
  • Fully automatic continuous-motion machine for high capacity.

As the first step in industrial bottle and vial processing, the brand-new glass containers are rinsed thoroughly. This is the basic treatment for further automated processing for pharmaceutical purposes. Depending on the machine equipment, the machines carry out the following steps:

  • Initial cleaning in an ultrasonic bath
  • Interior and exterior cleaning with extensive rinsing and spraying
  • Blow-cleaning inside and outside with air
  • Loading into trays or automatical transfer to the depyrogenizing tunnel

Options, for example:

  • Air and water filter systems
  • Water recycling station for the return and re-use of one of the cleaning agents (savings of up to 90 %).