Syringe labelling and assembly of plunger rods and needlestick safety guards
Output up to 24,000 syringes/h

safety guards Machine for labelling Syringes assembly of plunger rods and needlestick safety guards

Syringe Labelling, plunger rod insertion and assembly of safety guards* to protect healthcare professionals from needle stick injuries when using glass syringes with staked needles, as well as labelling of safety guards.

With the combination of labelling, inserting plunger rods and mounting the needle guards on one machine, Bausch + Ströbel provides an optimized alternative with a small footprint in comparison to individual stand-alone machines.

In this way the following operations can be carried out on a single machine, if required:

  • Labelling the syringe barrel
  • Plunger rod insertion
  • Needle stick safety guard* application
  • Labelling the needle stick safety guard

*The safety guard automatically encases the needle after the injection has been administered to avoid a risk of needle stick injuries and any resulting.

The machine can be customized by adding further equipment such as:

  • check sensors to ensure plunger rod inserted
  • check sensors to ensure needle stick safety guard applied

on the label dispenser:

  • label code scanner
  • label printers
  • print check systems
  • check to ensure containers are labeled
  • Various alarm, checking and counting devices
  • reject discharge
  • label splicer ESE for continuous labelling without labeller downtime during label roll change